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A costume exhibit had just opened up in the Museum of Natural History. Naturally everyone used it as an excuse to dress up. All of my friends were lovely and charming in their lolita, but seeing as I have no lolita clothing I decided to dress in kimono. I’m wearing my grayish-purple iromuji with my white and purple fukuro obi with kissing doves, butterflies and flowers on crashing waves. I was boiling that day since everything is hitoe and it was 25 C.

Hanging with Darth. He’s really not such a bad guy once you get to know him ;). It was really funny how short some of the costumes were, but this guy was every inch he seems to be in the movies!

They had these really neat “comic book strips” you could pose in front of. I was being silly and didn’t even notice my peeky juban sleeves…

This was after we decided to walk two blocks to get something to eat, I was sweltering. We got stopped and commented a lot. It was really cool but it made the walking take that much longer! On our way back we decided to stop by this really pretty mural and take tons of ridiculous photos. It was fun!

Please don’t mind the derp expression it was soo bright that day!

Back from the Dead

So the last six months have been stressful and unpleasant. In August my maternity leave ended and we decided we try it out with me just being a stay-at-home mom. we spent from Oct-Jan being stupidly broke all the time. Christmas was terrible. Finally we decided that this was not going to work. A family of five was not going to survive on one income alone. Eventually I went back to McDonalds part time in mid-March and have finally been straightening everything out. Hopefully I  am back for good (or at least a little more regularly)

I've began selling my bags at the Ikebana Shop (a local shop selling everything from tea sets to ikebana supplies and hosting monthly ikebana demonstrations which I need to go to one day). I have taken the site down for now, but I do plan on trying etsy soon. I received a commission on a bag though the Ikebana Shop, which meant I purchase the fabric for it. To celebrate I also splurged a bit and got myself this:

A gorgeous new haori (since I only had two to my name with what looks like camellia and sensu. I want to say the little yellow flowers are Chinese bell flower but I could be wrong.

I've also started up the Nova Scotia Kimono Club on FB, which is still very small, but I now have an excuse to start wearing my kimono more: I need to promote my club.

For now, ta!


My First Bunka Doll

A little while back I got my first taste of bunka cuteness when an adorable little doll popped up in one of my contacts photo stream. I fell in love with the look right away and became almost obsessed with them. I had to have one for myself. I finally came across a tutorial and decided to give it a try. A few days later this little girl came out of it.

I am fairly pleased with how my first bunka turned out. I plan to make a few more, but some changes will have to be made to the pattern. Her body is too chubby and I feel like her head and body should be made in two separate pieces. I also don't think I'll interface the bonnet like I did with this one.

The only thing I am really unhappy about is her face. I haven't done much painting in the last few years and it shows, her face looks pretty sloppy. I need new brushes that aren't frayed.

Here she is!


Finally Some Sun

This has not been a good week for me picture-wise. During the weekend I was monstrously busy and the latter half I had to contend with gloom. Finally the sun poked it's head out this morning and I took the opportunity to get some shots of the latest bag.

I've had both of these fabrics for ages, but never thought to look at them together, then I did and it just clicked. A black silk with textured streams and batiked flowers and streams the graduate from white to a rosy pink perfectly complement the satiny silk that also graduates from a white pink to a rosy pink. I love this bag so much!

Hopefully I'll have another update soon, this one I'll keep as a bit of a surprise.



This was the ensemble I planned on wearing to the upcoming HalCon. Even though I'm not able to go this year, I thought "what the heck" and decided to dress up anyway. Sorry for the overly bright pic, I think I'll stick to taking pics outside or in my hall since the light is too bright in my living room.

I love my lace haori!


The Website is Finished!!!!!!!

Well, I guess the title said it all, the website for Aiko Handbags is finally up and running. A big thanks to my hubby/ site designer Torradas/ Tyler! In celebration the first ten people to place an order will also receive a free tissue pouch as a gift, valued at ten dollars.

Well I'm off to go do a happy dance!

... Oh and the website is here


Multi-post of Baggyness

I just got back from trying to take some outdoors pics of some of my bags, and wouldn't you know it, just as we got out it got all cloudy, thereby negating the possibility of decent pics. It's so irritating!

Anyway, these are the things I've made in the last month. They've all sat around the house for the last few weeks in various states of incompleteness because I ran out of snaps and interfacing for a while. Thankfully they're finished now so I can move onto new bags!
ClickyCollapse )


My First (Photographed) Kitsuke

I started shortly after we got back from my mother's house (about 6pm) and by the time I finished it was full dark, which unfortunately meant taking the picture with flash.  I am rather pleased with how the co-ordination turned out (although I'm not sure about the seasonality of roses). Let's just ignore the messy kitsuke (and my naked feet) and admire how pretty the kimono is.


A Small Kimono Challenge

Idea taken from Kira Kira Kimono

1. How did you hear about kimono? How was you first kitsuke?
2. My favourite kimono item(s).
3. My most used kimono item(s) (not counting juban, datejime etc.)
4. My least used kimono item(s).
5. My favourite coordination(s) so far.
6. What things I do/ don’t like in kimono.
7. Kimono confessions. Did you know that…
8. The massive want-to-buy-list(or in this situation what-I-would-like-to-buy-but-don’t-have-enought-money-or-any-occassion-to-wear-it-list)
9. My biggest fears/ wishes when it comes to kimono.
10. How kimono has affected my life.
11. My kimono collection.
12. The evolution of my kitsuke.

I am still a beginner and have not amassed much of a collection or had much chance to dress myself. The biggest challenge will be to include at least one picture in each post. At least I can take this opportunity to practice and take more pictures, since we all know it didn’t happen if there aren’t pictures.

X-Posted to my Tumblr


Kimono - Oh No!

I am blaming this purchase all on Japanese Antiques. If they had never listed those adorable lace haori that I have been lusting after for the last year. As it is I managed to resist them for about three weeks after they were listed. Finally I broke down when I saw they only had one left and bought it. Now I just have to wait for it to get to me.

Eeee, so cute!

So I took the opportunity to get a few other things I've been lusting after for a while now.

Like this adorable tsuke obi (pre-tied obi)! It's purpleish! I've been wanting a tsuke obi for a while now for quick and easy kitsuke, unfortunately they can be pretty difficult to find.


And finally this gorgeous royal blue tsukesage with roses. I know I said I was going to try to buy more accessories but this kimono is sooo pretty and it is plenty wide, so I should have no problem getting my hips into it!

And now I just have to sit around and wait for them to actually get to me.